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Top Roofing-related services by Roofing Contractors in Brooklyn

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Top Roofing-related services by Roofing Contractors in Brooklyn

Roof Types photoPPE is a must for laborers who are working on any kind of construction site. For further confirmation, an evaluation is always helpful that helps in risk assessment. CDC and OSHA have made PPEs compulsory for some sort of work activities particularly when building and managerial controls can’t be actualized or are not defensive. In order to fulfill the requirement. Roofing contractors in Brooklyn are required to select and then train on the right PPE so that they do not find it hard while working on the field.


Reliable roofing contractors in Brooklyn, NY

Roofing contractors Brooklyn prioritizes its clients over anything and makes sure to satisfy the client. We offer a guarantee on GAF for as long as 25 years and the material guarantee is up to 50 years. Our commitment and dedication to our work are reflected by satisfied customers that are located in different areas including Bronx, Brooklyn, NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and others.

We are the most reliable and popular contractor among the private material contractors in New York. We are not just a rooftop installation or repair company but also provide services related to:

  • Roof tear-off and replacement
  • Roof Repairs and new roofs installation
  • How to compare roofers
  • The steps of a roof inspection
  • Flat & metal roofs and steep-slope roofs
  • Chimney work and ventilation
  • Skylight installation and repair


Roofing-related services in Brooklyn, NY

1. Chimney re-flash
Installing new aluminum blazing on block rooftop chimneys.


2. Pipe boot flashing replacements
Replacing the aluminum pipe boot flashing on your rooftop boot pipes and seal leaks.


3. Roof tune-ups
All rooftop check-ups including a point-by-point investigation report with photos, and a definite proposition laying out suggested rooftop repairs.


Covid-19 & Us

Covid-19 has struck mankind most unexpectedly. The viral disease caused a sudden closure all over the world and in the US. New York City was the most affected city when corona started to spread in early 2020. Slowly the City was also forced to close down with only essential businesses catering to people’s needs. As most of the people were indoors in their homes, the homes needed care and attention. With use, repair work was needed in the homes.


We as a company never stopped working and made sure that people were safe inside their homes. Also, we provided emergency repair services to people who needed them while following all the covid guidelines. As the covid is slowing down and operations are returning to normal, we are back in the market with full capacity and are provided roofing services along with other related repair and maintenance work.


As an organization, we are always willing to help the people living in NY and nearby areas. For professional services at an extremely reasonable rate, get in touch with us now!

If you are looking for a roofing and waterproofing Company in the Bronx area, please call Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC at 718-673-4444 or fill out our online request form.

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