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Code Compliance in the BRONX area

Code Compliance photoBuilding codes in New York can be tough to comply with. They are plentiful, and their enforcement is strict. If you need any assistance making sure that a property you won is fully up to code, Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC can help.

With more than 15 years of experience serving home and business owners in New York City, we are the premier construction and roofing contractors in the area. We have a vast understanding of city, state, and federal codes, and we can take on whatever repairs you need to ensure your building’s code compicance. Whether you have a home, industrial building, or commercial property that you need assistance with, you can count on our professionals contractors to tackle the job.

Residential Code Compliance

Residential properties are required to be registered with the city once a year. When it’s time for you to register your home in New York City, call our professional contractors for an inspection to ensure that you’re ready for the registration and that everything in your home is up to code.

If we find any problems with your home during the inspection, we’ll discuss them with you in plain English and make sure that you’re in full support of the repairs before we begin any work. We’ll give you an accurate and honest estimate upfront, and we’ll never use scare tactics to push you into having unnecessary repairs performed.

Commercial Code Compliance

When a property that you own as part of your business isn’t fully up to code, it can have an effect on your bottom line. Our professionals can help you take care of any violations you’ve received from the Department of housing Preservation and Development in New York City, and we can make sure that no other problems will crop up in the future.

Our contractors will be extremely thorough and extremely accurate, and we always guarantee your complete satisfaction with the work that we provide.

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If you’re I nneed of code compliance assistance in New York, call Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC at 718-673-4444, or fill out our online request form.

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