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Reasons you Need to Hire a New York City Contractor with a Special Rigger License

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If you need to do any work on your New York City property that involves hoisting materials that weigh up to 2000 pounds, it is absolutely imperative that you hire a contractor that has successfully completed the requirements for a special rigger license. If you do not hire a contractor with a special rigger license, you cannot feel confident that they will get the job done in a safe and effective manner. In addition, you may subject yourself and your property to fines, civil liability, and criminal liability.

What is a Special Rigger License?

The Department of Buildings (the “DOP”) in New York City regulates the building construction industry in order to promote safety around construction sites within the city. In the building codes promulgated by the DOP, it is stated that it is unlawful to hoist articles on the outside of buildings without a rigger license, with few exceptions.

A special rigger license authorizes the contractor to hoist any article not exceeding 2,000 pounds on the outside of any building with a hoisting machine. Also, a special rigger license allows the contractor to install and use a suspended scaffold.

Because of these regulations, it is unlawful for anyone to hoist materials on the outside of a building in New York City without a special rigger license. Also, in addition to a special rigger license, each time a suspended scaffold is erected, the contractor must file a CD5 suspended scaffold application. This application can only be submitted by a licensed special rigger or master rigger.

Requirements to be a Special Rigger

The regulations involved in becoming a special rigger are quite extensive, ensuring that you can feel confident when you hire a contractor that has passed all the requirements. In order to obtain a special rigger license, the contractor needs at least one year of experience in the hoisting and rigging business. The contractor must have completed an extensive training course, must pass and exam, and must continue to follow recertification procedures.

Licensed Special Rigger in NYC

At Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC, their exterior building contractors fully maintain all of the requirements of a special rigger license. You can feel confident that they will handle your job safely and effectively. You will not have to worry about hoisting or scaffold erection being conducted in an unlawful way. Your construction or building project will be conducted in accordance with all DOP regulations. Their contractors will handle all necessary complicated filings for you like the CD5 mentioned earlier.

Operating in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, the special rigger contractors at Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC will conduct your building project in the safest and most lawful way possible. You can rest assured that your New York City property is trusted with the right team.

If you need to hire a contractor with a special rigger license in New York City, call Eden Roofing & Waterproofing NYC at 718-673-4444, or fill out our online request form

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